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by: Rolf Meier

The DomeThe 12-foot dome was made from a silo top.  It houses a 6-inch f/12 Astrophysics refractor which is used primarily for planetary observing.  The main part of the slit rolls up over the top while the lower portion swings down for observing near the horizon. The RefractorThe refractor is set on a cross-axis mounting made from a car rear axle.  Note the counterweight consisting of brake drums.
The Sections
The sections of the dome lying on the ground prior to assembly.
A SectionThe dome was first built on the ground to ensure that all pieces fit together properly.  Afterwards, it was dismantled and the pieces were re-assembled on the building, lifted up 1 section at a time.  The total weight of the dome is 300 pounds.  It is made of galvanized steel painted white.
MarsImage of Mars made from 32 video frames combined and processed with Paint Shop Pro.  The red planet was recorded on May 14, 1999  using a Sony V701 camera and 6-inch f/12 refractor.  You can see the north polar cap on the lower right, Hellas on the left, and Syrtis Major on the lower left, among other features.

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