Diefenbunker Star Night

Linda Meier

Once again a very successful Star night was held at the West-Carleton Township Library. I would like to thank all of you who have given up your telescope time to share it with the public. We actually had 12 telescopes sprinkled around the Diefenbunker heliport site. The 90-100 people who showed up were very pleased with what they saw and learned. Each time the crowd size grows.

People began to show up very early and stayed until around 11:00 p.m. Unfortunately, we had to pack up early because the volunteer from the Diefenbunker had to leave by midnight. Attilla wisely set up his 25" just outside the gate, enabling him to stay later (and us to admire the views through his scope). What a view of M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy. I have never seen such a huge image.

I apologize to members whose evening was cut short. I should mention that I may be getting access to a key to the Diefenbunker site which would allow us to stay as late as we wish. As time goes on and it becomes a regular twice-a-year event, all the glitches (and annoying lights) should iron themselves out.

Thank you again to John Douglas, Gary Boyle, Rock Mallin (everyone was impressed with your telescope), Lee Macdonald, Debra Tigner, Karen Edmonds, Doug Luoma, Lev Mykytczuk, Attilla Danko, Ray Desjardins, Pierre Martin, Peter Williams, Brian McCullough (special thanks to you and Gary for your publicity efforts), Aaron Ludmer and last but not least, Rolf and Matthew Meier. There may have been other members who showed up that I did not know were coming and if I failed to mention you - thank you to you also.

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