Eclipse Cruise

From: Walter & Marina Unger <>
Subject: Eclipse Cruise 1999
Date: Monday, May 04, 1998 3:34 PM

Dear RASC executive members,

I am messaging your group because you might be interested in developing a group travel project next August and the cruise concept might appeal to you. Please let me introduce myself. I am semi-retired after 37 years at CBC Radio. In 1994 I joined my wife in the travel business. We are associated with a very good Toronto travel company called Conference Travel and Tours - the pioneers and leaders in China tourism.

My wife Marina and I are cruise specialists. We created a very successful roots trip called the Mennonite Heritage Cruise, for people like ourselves of Russian Mennonite descent. You can read about it on my own web site at

But we also organize other niche cruises. I have been working directly with Royal Olympic Cruises of Athens on a number of projects in the Eastern Mediterranean. Royal Olympic has also organized some special solar cruises for August 1999 and that is really the object of this message. [Link removed 2007, no longer functioning.] The Americans have been very keen about the solar cruises, but Canadian interest appears to be slow and Royal Olympic asked me to think about organizing a Canadian contingent.

At this point the Stella Solaris is sold out, the Triton is half sold and a third ship, the elegant World Renaissance may be reassigned to the Black Sea for an eclipse cruise. I am in the good position of being able to deal directly with the cruise operator and with the airlines (in this case Olympic or Lufthhansa). There would be no other levels of involvement (or cost). We might want to modify the cruise itinerary to add extra time in either Istanbul or Greece (both of which I know very well) for the Canadian package. I would like to see if there is a chance of putting together a good little Canadian package retailing from $3000 to $4500 per person sharing.

I'm not sure if there needs to be a name host for a Canadian eclipse group or not. I would appreciate comments from your group. I usually work at home and my phone number is (416) 486-7876. I have independantly e-mailed the Calgary club because of their reputation in organizing eclipse travel events.

Walter Unger      Toronto   Conference Travel and Tours

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