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SMARTSCOPE is about bringing the night sky to everyone through the Internet.

Here are the objectives of the project, as identified and discussed at our first meeting:

Key Objectives:



Special thanks for generous donations of time, expertise and funding from:


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If you can help through donations of time, money, or materials, if you have suggestions for a site to house the telescope, or if you would like to join the SMART Team, please contact:

Chris Teron:



The Simple Multiple Access Remote Telescope (SMARTSCOPE) is a new project undertaken by the Ottawa Centre of the RASC and the City of Kanata. In 1999, two local astronomy enthusiasts independently had the idea to build a remote-controlled telescope accessible via the Internet. Hugh Pett, a resident of Beaverbrook approached the City of Kanata with his idea. Peter Williams made his proposal to the Ottawa Centre of the RASC. Fortunately, the two ideas came together in a single joint project. A team of volunteers is now being organized to specify, design and build this facility. The key objective is to make real astronomy more accessible to the general public.

Keep visiting this site for updates as the project develops and comes on-line. 



As a source of ideas for how the SMARTSCOPE might work, here are some links to what others have done:


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