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The ability to publish on the wiki will be extended on a case-by-case basis only to RASC members who have a track record of contributing good quality, topic-appropriate information to RASC publications, meetings, or Astronotes.

These rules and guidelines are to be followed by all contributors to the Ottawa RASC Wiki, and the rules, their application, and their exceptions, are interpreted at our discretion. Potential authors who find these rules unacceptable are free to publish their information elsewhere.


No Spam

Spam will not be tolerated, and we decide what is spam. (Spammers always think their message is "an important product opportunity", not spam.)

  • No links to web sites other than those relevant to RASC business or Astronomy topics.
  • No links to generate sales other than approved RASC activities.
  • No sales gimmicks, get-rich-quick schemes, political lobbying, or advertising.
  • No affiliate schemes, including links that go through link redirectors to pay commissions, even if the end page is on topic. This means that if you want to recommend an Astronomy book, you may not use an affiliate link that causes the bookstore to pay you a commission if the link is followed.

Offending pages or comments will be deleted, and the offenders will be banned from any future page authoring or commenting.

Stay On Topic

Remember Where You Are

Pages and comments in this site must relate to RASC business, Astronomy, and related topics.

Content on scientific topics must correspond to generally-accepted scientific consensus. Pseudo-science, anti-science, political ideology, and religious dogma are inappropriate and will not be accepted. See RASC Ottawa's Position Statement on Science and Evolution.

Content is Edited

All new pages and all page updates are reviewed, and may be edited for content or style, or deleted as inappropriate, at our discretion.

Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate content will be deleted and the author banned.

Unlawful content will be reported to law enforcement agencies, together with the identification information of the offender.


RASC Ottawa is a non-profit organization. Web content may not support your business or contain e-commerce or sales links.

The "Classified Ads" section is an approved exception, if used for low-volume sale of personally-owned used equipment.

General Audience

RASC Ottawa is an educational organization and has members and readers of all age levels. Images and language should be appropriate for children and adults. Profanity and personal attacks will not be tolerated.


Respect Other People's Privacy

  • Do not publish personal information on any other person.
  • Do not publish email addresses without obscuring them from spam harvesting robots. (We can provide a tool to assist with this.)
  • Do not publish recognizable photographs of other people or their property without their permission or, for children, their parent's or legal guardian's permission.
    • An exception is that it is generally considered acceptable to publish photographs that happen to contain recognizable people in public places or at public events in which it would have been unreasonable for participants to expect privacy. For example, it is reasonable to publish a photograph of a crowd at a public event - it is not necessary to get the permission of each person in the crowd.
    • Even with their permission or in cases of "reasonable use", photographs of other people or their property must be deleted on their request.

Your Privacy

Understand that your User ID, IP address, date, and time are recorded any time you update a page. This information may be used to investigate technical problems or inappropriate use. It will not be used for any commercial purpose.

See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Rights Management

By publishing information authored by you on this web site, you are granting Ottawa RASC a right to use the information and make it public.

  • Pages are automatically marked as "copyright RASC Ottawa". If you want to claim a personal copyright, say so on the bottom of your page.
  • You may not use other people's material without their permission.
  • Images and quotes used with permission, or in the public domain, must be properly attributed to the author or source.
  • You may link to appropriate external web pages.
    • Link only to publicy-accessible pages, not pages that prompt for passwords or other credentials.
    • Links should be direct, not via affiliate programs or vote counters.
    • Articles that seem to exist for the sole purpose of linking to other pages will be considered spam and deleted.
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