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In order to qualify for a key to the Observatory, and to use the 16 inch and 10 inch telescopes, a member must first take a training course that covers the opening up and closing down of the observatory, and the general use and care of the equipment. The course takes an afternoon, and is generally given once in the Spring and once in the Fall. If there is sufficient interest, additional courses may be possible.

Please note that being a member in good standing of the RASC - Ottawa Centre is a pre-requisite for taking the course.

Please contact Ron St. Martin for details of future courses, or to register for a course.

If you are interested in getting involved with FLO, please visit:

It is here that Friends Of FLO and active stewards and users of the observatory interact. There is a place for astrophotos, and discussion about training, scope, road and sky conditions. There are also manuals posted including the manual on FLO scope setup/takedown . It makes it easy to coordinate our activities and schedule training by using this website.

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