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Images by Ottawa member Rolf Meier

RolfMeier-mars 030808.jpg Mars. August 8, 2003. 6-inch AP.
RolfMeier-sat4.jpg This image of Saturn was taken at 12:15 am, December 14, 2003, with a Philips ToUcam Pro webcam, using similar techniques to the ones I described for the 2002 opposition image also on this web site. Since that time, I have switched from the 3Com webcam to the ToUcam, which is of better quality for planetary imaging.

Notice the colour difference on either side of the A ring. Possible reasons for this phenomenon are discussed in the January, 2003 issue of Sky and Telescope, page 106. This image was taken with Saturn on the meridian, so this ensures that the effect is not due to atmospheric dispersion.

In order to produce the final image, the following hardware, software, and settings were used:

  • telescope: 6-inch f/12 Astrophysics Super Planetary refractor
  • projection: 3X
  • barlow filter: IR block
  • camera: Philips ToUcam Pro
  • frame rate: 5 fps
  • resolution: 640x480 i420
  • total frames: 1200 (all used)
  • seeing: fair (5/10)
  • temperature: -16C (air temperature in the dome) (for other camera settings, contact me.)
  • processing: Registax2, linear 1,1
  • final colour adjustments: Paint Shop Pro
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