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New RASC Wiki

This wiki was set up to allow rapid publishing of pages with time-sensitive information. Eventually we'll also replace our main home page, and some other pages, with wiki pages.

  • The home page will eventually be converted to this.
  • This article will tell users about the wiki.

RASC members with an established track record of publishing good quality, topic-appropriate information in other RASC publications, and who would like a user id enabling them to edit pages (subject to rules about acceptable content) should write to the webmaster. We have a Guide for New Wiki Users.

Progress Notes Etc

Wiki planning

Setting Up RASC Wiki: to-do

  • Set up skeltal replacement home page
    • Modify "what's new" code  (old and new) to accept both <nowiki><a href=...></nowiki> format and wikitext links
    • Modify feature article driver code to accept both <nowiki><a href=...></nowiki> format and wikitext links 
    • Implement sql-based "what's-new" list to replace flat file
    • Develop extension for rotating feature article
    • Develop extension for automated "what's new" date and listing
    • <s>Develop extension for automated meeting date display </s>
    • Develop linked pages
      • Join RASC
        • rasc-mail obscuring email extension
      • Contact RASC
      • Guestbook
      • Current Events
      • What's New
      • Monthly Meetings
      • Observing Challenges
      • Astronotes
      • Publications
      • Images
      • Ottawa RASC information
        • Council
        • Members Lists
        • Etc
      • Web Links
      • Position on Science and Evolution
  • Page introducing new Wiki-based web format
  • Tidy up logo (white background behind the circle badge)
  • Set up page footers
    • Copyright
    • Disclaimers
    • About
    • Privacy
  • Set up user rights
    • Only sysop can create new users
    • Logged-in users can edit pages
    • Anonymous visitors can edit talk pages
  • Set up anti-spam measures
    • CAPTCHA for comments (Test)
    • Honeypot filtering
    • Honeypot bait
    • Spam blacklist filtering
  • Fill out moon phases from May to end of 2009
  • Set up event calendar
    • Copy and adapt OAFS calendar extension
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