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I'm thinking of the following approach to releasing this wiki into general use (I don't see it completely replacing all the existing pages - too many, too much work):

  1. General configuration and sandboxing in secret
    1. Look-n-feel tuning
    2. Extensive antispam measures
    3. Administrative bumpf (copyright pages etc)
  2. Announce via a home page article that some look-n-feel changes will be coming
  3. Mike creates an outreach wiki root page, home page pointer to it
  4. Attilla (in Jan) creates a Meeting wiki root page, home page pointer to it
  5. Richard converts some of the most dynamic pages (e.g. meeting images, challenge objects) to WIki form
  6. Invite Al to convert council & membership directory pages to wiki form
  7. Richard converts main page to wiki form
  8. Gradual conversion of other pages as occasions arise
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