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After the rapid link-spam attacks on the OAFs and McDonald wikis, I've installed anti-spam measures right from the start on this wiki. They are:

  • Anonymous users can only edit the "discussion" page associated with any page. They cannot create or edit main pages.
    • (I will grant a user id with edit permissions to RASC members who ask and who are approved as legitimate and trustworthy authors.)
  • Edits are rejected from any IP address blacklisted as a comment spammer by Project Honeypot.
  • Any edits that insert URLs (web links) in pages are closely scrutinized. Edits are rejected if they contain a URL that refers to any site in several blacklists. These are typically spam-advertised sites like viagra, casinos etc.
    • Specific sites can be whitelisted in the unlikely event that this restriction interferes with a legitimate page. Just contact the webmaster if you need a site whitelisted.

Additional Measures Added Later

  • September 27, 2009: Turn on authentication requirement for editing the event calendar (spammers have been depositing links in calendar entries)
  • Summer 2009: Monthly-ish removal of vandalism to talk pages, looks like spammers experimenting with links (and finding the spam filter deletes them). Each time, just clean out the content and permanently ban the IP address of the spammer.
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