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Join RASC, Ottawa Centre

If you like what you have seen at our monthly meetings and/or star parties, you might like to become a Member of the Ottawa RASC.

Our meetings are open to the public, including non-members. However, members of Ottawa RASC receive the following additional benefits:

The Observer's Handbook

An essential handbook for amateur astronomers, the Observer's Handbook is a guide chock-full of information, observing tips, and, most importantly, a very detailed astronomical event calendar for the calendar year;


A Canadian magazine for the amateur astronomer with monthly constellation charts, tips for observing, equipment test reports, and in-depth articles on exciting astronomy news of the month;

RASC Journal

The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society (JRASC), a bi-monthly journal of interesting articles and research papers on a wide variety of interesting topics in astronomy and allied sciences;


The monthly newsletter of the Ottawa RASC, full of local centre goings-on;

Magazine Subscriptions

RASC members can get discounts on subscriptions to Astronomy Magazine and Sky&Telescope magazine when ordered through the local chapter of the RASC;

The Stan Mott Book Library

As an Ottawa RASC Member, you will be able to browse through and borrow a wide selection of astronomy-related literature, from Asteroids to Zubeneschamali;

The Ted Bean Telescope Loan Library

As an Ottawa RASC Member, you will be able to borrow one of many small telescopes to experience the wonders of the heavens;

Access to Many Dedicated Astronomers

The most important reason to become a Member of the Ottawa RASC is the great friendships and acquaintances you will gain, not to mention the wealth of astronomy knowledge that you will be able to benefit from;

The Fred P. Lossing Observatory (FLO)]

Members have access to the FLO grounds to set up their own equipment for observing at a fairly dark site. For an additional annual fee qualified members can use the observatory's 10 inch and 16 inch telescopes and the club house;
SMARTScope] A remotely controlled telescope that will soon be available to Members. This facility will allow users to obtain images of astronomical objects, even if the user is physically located in a heavily light polluted location.

To become a member, click the link below for several different new membership options. You will be taken to the RASC national registration site. Full details on membership benefits and costs are available on this site.(Be sure, on that registration site, to indicate you would like to be associated with the Ottawa Centre.

Click Here to Join RASC

For questions about membership, please contact Art Fraser.

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