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This web site is a Wiki using the MediaWiki software. Anyone can add to the comments associated with any page. Registered users can create and edit pages. We have a Guide for New Wiki Users.

To add to the discussion on a page, click the "discussion" menu in the top menu bar, just above the main heading. Then click "edit" to open the page editor. Or, clicking the "+" tab will open the page editor and insert a new sub-heading - a convenient way to add to a set of discussions.

In any case, an edit window will then open up. An experimental WYSIWYG editor is available by clicking "Rich Editor" in the toolbar at the top of the window. Users familiar with the "WikiText" markup language can click the "Wikitext" button to access the markup language directly (better for advanced formatting, as the WYSIWYG editor has limitations and is still in development.)

You can then:

  • Make minor wording changes just by typing over the text
  • Do basic formatting using the formatting toolbar at the top of the edit window
  • Use a simple "wiki language" to do basic formatting. This formatting language is documented in the MediaWiki Help Pages. Some examples of this formatting language:
    • Blank lines start new paragraphs
    • Lines beginning with asterisks will be formatted as bullet lists

Comments are heavily filtered for Spam - your comment may be rejected if it links to commonly-spammed sites, or if you are coming from a site associated with known spammers. You may also find yourself challenged with a trivial math question when you try to save your comments - this is to make it harder for automated processes to deposit comments.

No Math Editor

Note that our ISP does not have the optional Latex module installed, which means that the "Formula Editor" feature of our MediaWiki software is not available. Fancy formulae will have to be developed in a separate package, and exported/imported as a graphic.

Several online, web-based Latex editors are available that will allow you to enter Latex notation for formulae and then download the resulting graphic. Here are some:

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