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RASC Discounted Magazine Subscriptions

As an RASC member you can get Astronomy and/or Sky&Telescope magazines through the club and get the club discount. The club discount prices as of 2015-02-28 are:

  • Sky & Telescope:
    • 1-year $44.95us print or $29.95us digital
  • Astronomy:
    • 1-year $46.00us print or $34.00us digital
    • 2-year $84.00us print or $60.00us digital

New Subscriptions

If you don't currently have a subscription to the magazine you would like, or have a subscription but are not getting the club discount, contact the Club's Magazine Rep (details below) to start receiving the discount. In order to start getting the club discount, the magazine must first be ordered through the club. After that, you will be able to renew your subscription yourself and retain the club discount.

Renewing a Club Discounted Magazine

If you are currently receiving a magazine at the club discount, you can renew the subscription yourself and retain the discount.

  • To renew your Sky & Telescope subscription
  • To renew your Astronomy subscription
    • You will need the club's renewal code and a personal Astronomy magazine account (free)
    • Contact the Club's Magazine Rep for details

Magazine Rep Contact Information

To order a new magazine subscription or to start receiving a current subscription at the club discount, send an email:


  • your full name
  • address where you want the magazines delivered
  • your RASC id
  • which magazine(s) Astronomy and/or Sky&Telescope
    • print or digital
  • how many years you want the subscription(s) for:
    • 1yr for Sky&Telescope
    • 1yr or 2yrs for Astronomy
  • your current subscription number(s) if you currently receive the magazine
    • even if not originally ordered through the RASC


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