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New RASC Wiki

This wiki was set up to allow rapid publishing of pages with time-sensitive information. Eventually we'll also replace our main home page, and some other pages, with wiki pages.

Wiki planning

Setting Up RASC Wiki: to-do

  • Set up 2009 IYA Planning page
  • Set up skeltal replacement home page
    • Develop extension for rotating feature article
    • Develop extension for automated "what's new" date and listing
    • Develop extension for automated meeting date display
    • Develop linked pages
      • Join RASC
        • rasc-mail obscuring email extension
      • Contact RASC
      • Guestbook
      • Current Events
      • What's New
      • Monthly Meetings
      • Observing Challenges
      • Astronotes
        • Start putting new issues in Wiki
        • Convert index page
        • Convert 1 year of historical issues
      • Publications
      • Images
      • Ottawa RASC information
        • Council
        • Members Lists
        • Etc
      • Web Links
      • Position on Science and Evolution
  • Page introducing new Wiki-based web format
  • Tidy up logo (white background behind the circle badge)
  • Set up page footers
    • Copyright
    • Disclaimers
    • About
    • Privacy
  • Set up user rights
    • Only sysop can create new users
    • Logged-in users can edit pages
    • Anonymous visitors can edit talk pages
  • Set up anti-spam measures
    • CAPTCHA for comments (Test)
    • Honeypot filtering
    • Honeypot bait
    • Spam blacklist filtering
  • Fill out moon phases from May to end of 2009
  • Set up event calendar
    • Copy and adapt OAFS calendar extension
  • Introduce early adopter users

Mailing Lists

Eventually we'll change over to more automated mailing list management. Unwanted subscribers sending unwanted traffic is, of course, the concern when automation is enabled. This link leads to a subscription page of a test list that we're using to test protective measures. It should be found by harvesters before long, and that will generate incoming spam requests, which will exercise the filters.

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