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General Privacy Policy

Adopted - September 25, 2006

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is required by federal legislation to have a privacy policy to address the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information in the course of its commercial activities. The RASC National office adopted a comprehensive policy on March 6, 2004 and that policy can be found in the members' section of the national web site. A copy can also be obtained by contacting the Ottawa Centre.

The Ottawa Centre's policy is in addition to the national policy. The Ottawa Centre receives your contact information and membership status updates from the society's National Office. If you wish to review or change any of your information, please contact the National Office directly for assistance. Your name, address, telephone number, membership category, membership status, and, if available, your email address, are kept on the Ottawa Centre membership list. The Ottawa Centre requires this information to maintain its services to members, and to facilitate the coordination of Ottawa Centre astronomy-related activities. These include, but are not limited to, publication and distribution of the Centre’s publications, operation of the Centre's library and observatories, Centre awards and contests, public outreach events, recruitment of volunteers and fund-raising activities.

The membership list is available to members of the Centre's Council, and may be made available, on a need to know basis, to members of Centre committees whose membership may include some Centre members who are not on the Council. The membership list is not available to the general membership or any third party. Your information will not be given, loaned, traded or sold to any other person, organization, or entity for any reason.

Centre members may subscribe to various Centre e-mail list by personal request, and those lists of addresses may be made available to Council and Committees as needed for Centre purposes only. Subscribers to such lists should keep in mind that any messages that they submit to the list will be delivered to all subscribers of that list, and will contain their email address and the information in any signature file that is attached to the message. Users may also personally request a listing on the Centre’s Directory Web Page, but must accept that such listings are public information and may be used by anyone. In addition, any subscriber to an email list or the Directory can request to be removed at any time by submitting a request to the maintainer listed on the Directory page.

The Centre's privacy officer is the Centre Secretary, who should be contacted regarding the Centre's privacy policy.

Web Site Privacy Policy

RASC Ottawa Centre does not collect information about users of its general web site.

Anonymous visitors may browse the entire site, including the Wiki area. Anonymous users may edit the Discussion pages associated with Wiki pages, and IP Addresses are logged when such edits are made. Only registered users may edit Wiki pages, however, and such page edits are logged by IP address and User Id.

RASC Council members and other volunteers have their names and contact information posted on a contact page. Individual members may also volunteer to have their contact information published, but this is entirely optional.

See our Acceptable Content Rules for further information about web site privacy.

This web site participates in Project Honeypot as an anti-spam measure.

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