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by: Yves Demers

Heracles and Perseus
One moment! Those two last points look very weird side-by-side and didn't make sense to me at first sight.

Think about it. Two half-brothers having the same father and one half-brother's grand-fathers are the sons of the other half-brother.  It sounds like there is a Y2B.C.K bug in the genealogy someplace.

Would you like to take a shot at explaining how this can be? The truth must be out there.

Perseus is the son of Zeus and Danae, who was impregnated by Zeus in a golden shower. The lusty god was forced to disguise himself in this manner because Danae's father had her locked up in a tower. (Some say that the golden shower is nothing more than a bribe to the jailer. But it takes all the mythical aspects away.)

Heracles is the son of Zeus and Alcmena, who was married to Amphition. Zeus made love to her by assuming the shape of her husband while he was away on a military expedition.

Zeus had the reputation of being a very, well how should I say, virile God, no ViagraTM needed, as you can see, and that's how Perseus and Heracles ended up being half-brothers.

But how in the world were Heracles' grandfathers also Perseus' sons when Perseus and Heracles were half-brothers AND had the same father, ZEUS?



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