About us

Ottawa (RASC) was established relatively recently. It is a non-profit organization created by a group of interested individuals, professionals, and volunteers, whose main focus is astronomically interested and the study of related sciences.

The Ottawa RASC Centre raises donations and charity in connection with the expansion and innovation of astronomy and allied sciences. Our organization, although newly established, has already been able to establish several additional affiliate centers in other cities around the country. Our membership includes amateur astronomers and volunteers and the founders – professional astronomers and astronomy teachers. Our independent astronomy club is officially registered as the Astronomical and Physical Society of Ottawa. 


The Astronomy Centre has for several years coordinated research in ground-based optical astronomy by astronomical organizations in Canada belonging to both the Academy of Sciences and other agencies.

 The objectives of the Ottawa RASC are: 

  • To stimulate interest, promote and expand knowledge in the fields of astronomy and related sciences; 
  • To acquire and support the necessary equipment, to develop libraries to achieve its goals; 
  • Receiving and distributing philanthropy, donations, gifts to the organization; 
  • Contributing to and assisting individuals and institutions involved in the study and development of astronomy.

Each of the individual centers conducts various activities of interest to its members and the public. There are frequent meetings where renowned professional and amateur astronomers attend lectures on various relevant topics. There are study groups and interest groups on astronomy and related sciences. Most centers publish scientific research and hold their observing group events. Some members regularly observe variable stars, moon coverings, sunspots, meteors, comets, and other phenomena; others develop special skills, such as making astronomical images in workshops.