Privacy Policy

The User agrees to fully provide information on the Website by this Policy as part of the relationship with the Website, and this regulation applies to all individuals about whom they provide information. 

By using the website, the User accepts this Policy and its terms of processing their info unconditionally; if the User does not agree to these terms, the User has to refrain from using the Services.

Users’ data that is further processed by the web resource 

1.1 “Personal information of the user” shall mean: 

1.1.1 Personal data provided on your own and at your own discretion to access the platform.

1.1.2 All User’s data is automatically transmitted in the course of their use by the software installed on the User’s device, the IP-address, cookie, User’s browser, access time, webpage address. 

1.2 The Policy only applies to the Webpage. The Resource is not responsible for any other sites or entities to which the User clicks on available links, including search results. 

1.3 The web resource does not verify user data and monitors user actions. However, all data is stored on the platform in the up-to-date information that was provided.

Purposes of Collection and Processing of Users’ data

2.1 The website collects and stores user data necessary to provide services according to the agreement. 

2.2 The platform can use the User’s data for the following: 

2.2.1 To identify the party under agreements and contracts with the Site 

2.2.2 Providing the user with any data and services 

2.2.3 User interaction with the resource, various notifications, updates, requests, information in accordance with the use of services, service offerings, as well as the processing of user data and requirements;

2.2.4 To make the quality better and convenience of the Services; 

2.2.5 Conducting research based on anonymized data. Terms of processing user data and its transfer to third parties 

3.1 The site stores data of each User by the regulations of the service. 

3.2 Regarding User’s data: The Userkeeps it confidential, except when he voluntarily provides information about himself for public access to the full range of persons. Using the Webpage’s Services, the User agrees that certain portions of his data will become public. 

3.3 The Website reserves the right to transfer User data to third parties only if: 

3.3.1. the User has consented to such actions; 

3.3.2 The transfer of data for the use of the service or to provide service to the User; 

3.3.3 The transfer is stipulated by Canadian law or other applicable law in the procedure established by law; 

3.3.4 To enable the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the WebSite or third parties in cases where the User violates the Terms of Service of the Site. 

3.4 When processing the User’s data, the platform is guided by the Ottawa Canada Personal Data Act. 

Change of User’s data by the User 

The User can at any time change (update, supplement) the personal infor provided by him or any part of it and his privacy settings. Measures are used to protect all the data. 

The planform takes all organizational and technical measures to protect user’s data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution and other unlawful actions of third parties. 

In addition, Web-hosting provider of the Source within the framework of the agreement with the Site and its provisions on info protection protects data storage. 

Change of info by the User 

Users can change or add any information for data processing (if they wish), and their privacy settings. Measures are in place to protect users’ personal information.

The Web-source takes all organizational and technical measures to protect personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other unlawful actions of third parties.

The provider of web-hosting of the web-source within the contract framework with the Website and its provisions on information protection shall protect data


Changes in the Privacy Policy. Applicable law. 

The Website has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. When making changes to the current edition, the date of the last update is indicated. The new version of the Policy comes into effect from the moment of its posting, unless otherwise stipulated by the new version of the Policy.  The law of Canada shall apply to this Policy and the relationship between the User and the Source arising in connection with the application of the Privacy Policy.