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Planetary Geology - Data

by: Simon Hanmer

Simon Hanmer, Geological Survey of Canada (Retired) has been named the 2013 winner of the J.Willis Ambrose Medal.

One of Simon's many retirement projects is operating his Garden Shed Observatory (GSO)
Simon Hanmer's Amateur Astronomy

General Solar System

Moons of the Solar System

Meteorites and
the early Solar System:





Hanmer-main-01 earth.jpg Simon Hanmer is geologist by profession and worked for Natural Resources Canada. Simon is interested in the geology of the Earth and also the geology of the other planetary bodies found in the solar system. Simon started a series of talks at the Ottawa RASC Center's monthly meetings on his love affair with the geology found on the celiestial bodies of the sun's planetary system. I asked Simon if he would like to share his passion via the Internet and he was pleased by the idea. I am sure the ottawa-rasc.ca visitors will be as entertained by Simon's views as the people attending our monthly meetings are.

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