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Public Astronomy Meetings ... Fascinating topics, Fascinating people

If you love Astronomy then you have come to the right place! Every month the Ottawa Centre of the RASC hosts a free astronomy meeting that is open to everyone.  Each meeting is packed with interesting speakers addressing a range of astronomy topics well suited to the amateur astronomer and enthusiast.

Do you have an interest in astronomy but don't know where to start?   Come to our meetings. They are a great place to get connected to the amateur astronomy community in Ottawa and start your journey of learning and discovery.

Already deeply in to astronomy? Perfect - you will find many like-minded people with your level of experience who share your passion for the night sky.

Meeting Features

  • At least two interesting speakers!
  • The Sky this Month - a 10 minute overview of interesting things in the night sky in the coming month.
  • 10 Minute Astronomy - A short review of current astronomy news.
  • Member photos - come enjoy the beautiful gallery of astronomy images taken by our members.
  • Door Prize - each month we hold a draw and give away several astronomy-themed prizes to lucky winners. The draw is open to everyone and is free.
  • Announcements on free public outreach and recreational astronomy events in Ottawa.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are scheduled each month typically, but not always, on the first Friday of every month. The meetings run from 8 to 10 pm.


  • Jan 9 (2nd Friday of the month)
  • Feb 6
  • Mar 6
  • Apr 10 (2nd Friday of the month)
  • May 1
  • June 5
  • July 3.

Meeting Agendas

Friday December 5:  *** An RASC Ottawa Centre Special Event *** + SWAP TABLE 

The RASC Ottawa Centre is delighted and honoured to host Bob Berman, an accomplished author, journalist and astronomer, for a very special evening.

What is the Universe and What are Its True Colours? In this mind-stretching one hour talk, Bob Berman will explore how discoveries since 1998 have led us to new models of the cosmos that have curiously not reached general awareness. He will probe the nature of "empty space", time, the recent discovery of a large-scale flat topology to space, and review its implications for an infinite universe. We will see if this may demote the Big Bang to a local event in the neighbourhood -- and how we astronomers might handle infinity and other cosmological aspects that cannot be visualized. His illustrated presentation will includes demonstrations that will examine the odd realities of light and color and our role as observers. We will see how our built-in neural biases and limitations skew our perceptions. And we will take a lengthy side-trip into some of the little-known facets of human vision and how they affect our observations.

Bob Berman is one of the world’s most widely read astronomers. Since 1989, his celebrated "Strange Universe" feature has appeared monthly in Discover and Astronomy magazines. For the past two decades Berman has been the long-time astronomy editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Bob Berman is the author of eight popular books, including "Secrets of the Night Sky" (Morrow, 1995; paperback HarperCollins 1997) which was a Main Selection of the Astronomy Book Club; Biocentrism (co-authored with Robert Lanza, MD, Ben Bella, 2009), The Sun’s Heartbeat, (Little, Brown 2011) and his newest and (he says) his favorite: Zoom: How Everything Moves (Little Brown, 2014). During the 1980s, Berman ran the summer astronomy program at Yellowstone Park for the National Park Service and Yellowstone Institute.

Bob Berman

Berman founded the Catskill Astronomical Society in 1976, and is director of Overlook Observatory, near Woodstock, New York. He was adjunct professor of astronomy and physics at Marymount college from 1995-2000. As a lecturer who leads groups three times each year to celestial events such as auroras and total eclipses, Bob has spent five years overseas, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and is known for his unique blend of humor, informality, and encyclopedic sky-knowledge. He has lectured for countless academic, state, and US federal agencies such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Annual General Meeting and Elections

Notice is hereby given to all members of the RASC Ottawa Centre that the Annual Meeting will be held at 9:30pm on December 5, 2015 at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum as part of the regular monthly Centre meeting. The following business will be conducted:

  • consideration and approval of the agenda for the meeting;
  • consideration and approval of the minutes of the last annual meeting;
  • consideration and approval of the reports of the Council, the officers of the Centre, and the committees of the Council, and presentation and adoption of the financial statements;
  • presentation of the “Paul Comision Observer of the Year”, “Best AstroNotes Article of the Year” award and Best Presentation of the Year
  • election of Officers, Councillors, National Council Representatives and Centre Meeting Chair of the Centre,
  • election of the auditor of the Centre as prescribed in Article 11.01; and
  • other business.

Chris Teron, Secretary

Report of the Nominating Committee

Elections for various executive and council positions in the Ottawa Centre for 2015 will be held during the December 5, 2015 RASC Ottawa Annual General Meeting at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Nominations have been received from the Nominating Committee, led by Past President Al Scott and other members, for the following slate of candidates (* indicates an incumbent):

  • President: Gordon Webster
  • Vice-President: Tim Cole
  • Secretary: Chris Teron*
  • Treasurer: Oscar Echeverri*
  • Centre Meeting Chair: Mike Moghadam*
  • 3 Councillors: Yves Demers*, Carmen Rush*, Stephen Nourse*
  • 2 National Council Representatives: Rick Wagner*, Bill Wagstaff*
  • Past President: Gary Boyle

Additional nominations will be accepted for any position. Nominees must be members in good standing. Nominations must be made in writing by at least two other members and received by Chris Teron by 8:00pm on November 30, 2014.

Meeting Location and Admission

Our meetings are held in the main auditorium of the Canada Aviation and Space Museumlocated here. There is a $3 parking fee in the museum #2 lot.
Please remember to use Parking Lot #2

Other Information

  • Did you miss a meeting? Perhaps you can't attend because of another commitment? No problem - our meetings are now broadcast live over the Internet and also recorded. Click here to watch current and previously recorded meetings!
  • Members are invited to deliver presentations on subjects of interest at the meetings. A presenter's guide is available here.
  • The Helen Sawyer Hogg observatory is located on the grounds of the Canada Science and Technology Museum, and contains a classic 15-inch refracting telescope. The observatory and telescope are open to the public after some of the meetings (weather permitting).

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