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Astronomy Public Outreach at the Ottawa Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

The Ottawa Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) is delighted to offer a full suite of free astronomy outreach activities to the public including:

  • Daytime (solar) and evening stargazing sessions where Ottawa Centre members set-up their telescopes to share the wonders of the sky with the public.
  • Presentations to schools, clubs, senior citizens, etc.
  • Special events with Museums on special Astronomy-themed public events.
  • Special "cross-over" cultural events that allow us to interact with groups of people who may rarely be exposed to Astronomy.

If you wish to have an amateur astronomer  from the Ottawa RASC Centre come and speak to your group, please e-mail our Outreach Coordinator, Gary Boyle. Please note that planning an outreach event takes time, so please contact us early. Observing events are usually coordinated with the phase of the moon and are, of course, at the mercy of the weather.

Clear skies!

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